Shapes of Scrub Daddy’s Past

In the realm of kitchen essentials, there are few innovations that have captured our attention quite like the Scrub Daddy sponge. A true household hero, this seemingly simple cleaning tool has revolutionized the way we tackle stubborn stains and grime. Yet, beyond its vibrant hue and playful smiley face, the Scrub Daddy sponge has undergone its own evolution over the years. It has adapted to various seasons while remaining a steadfast companion in the war against dirt. Join us as we explore the fascinating metamorphosis of Scrub Daddy, reflecting on its different shapes and celebrating its enduring charm.

So let’s throwback to some of our favourite fun editions of this iconic smiley scrubber and go through a nostalgic journey of the changing shapes of Scrub Daddy sponges throughout the seasons.

Valentines Scrub Daddy

Heart Shapes

We know Scrub Daddy has brought a lot of love to your life, so we gave you even more in the form of our Special Edition Heart Shape sponges. This is a sure way to bring some extra love into your home cleaning!

Power Flowers

Our Scrub Daddy enthusiasts were thrilled by our Spring-themed designs. The delightful floral shapes are available in charming Pink, Green, and Yellow hues. This delightful Scrub Mommy trio is precisely what you’ve been searching for to infuse your cleaning routine with a touch of vibrant cheerfulness!


Beach Buddies

It’s guaranteed to be a hot sponge summer with our summer additions to the scrub family. Summer got even hotter when we launched our new summer shapes named the Beach Buddies as Octopus, Shark and Crab made their way to land and into your homes.

Halloween Shapes

There’s nothing to be scared of here! Our scrubbers easily got into the spooky spirit of clean with our Halloween Themed Sponges! Pick from 3 eerie-shaped scrubbers in vibrant orange, green, and white – perfect for simple color-coded cleaning tasks. You could assign the Frightening Frankenstein to tackle bathroom messes, while the Ghoulish Ghost handles pet bowls and pesky paw prints!

Winter Shapes

Winter Shapes

Step into the enchanting embrace of the season with our highly anticipated Special Edition Winter Shapes! As the air turns crisper and the holiday spirit fills the air, our delightful winter-themed sponges are here to infuse your cleaning routine with a touch of magic. From tree to star these charming designs are set to make your spirits bright while keeping your spaces clean and inviting.

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