NEW Dish Daddy : The Soap Dispensing Dishwand

Dish Daddy

Washing the dishes just got a lot easier! With the Scrub Daddy soap dispensing Dishwand, it’s like no other you’ve seen before!

Much like the Scrub Daddy sponges, the FlexTexture foam head is soft in warm water and firm in cool for more cleaning power. Unlike standard dish wands, the Dish Daddy reduces product waste with a dual-seal design to prevent leaks.

Scrubbing head’s hook & loop backing has no plastic waste! Peel to remove, and simply press to attach.

Dish Daddy Features:

FlexTexture scrubbing head

Detachable hook & loop dish head

Built-in scraper

Easy-grip handle

Visible liquid level

Flat base

Drip stand to drain the water

Also available to buy, Dish Daddy Refill 2 packs.

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