Your Home’s Main Touchpoints – what to look out for!

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Ever wondered what your main touchpoints in your home are? Put your Scrub Daddy and Magic Multi-Surface Cleaner to good use and check off the following in your home. There are some obvious ones on the list!

Firstly, what are touchpoints? Well, it’s as simple as it sounds, they are points around your home that are regularly touched. As they get touched and used a lot, they can harbour bacteria and germs. We suggest giving these a wipe down at least once a day depending on how often they get used!

Each room will have touchpoints, the below list are the most common areas.


All rooms:

Light switches

Door handles (including cupboard doors)

Door push areas


Living room / lounge:

Landline phones, and mobiles

TV remotes

Console remotes



Appliance handles, such as fridge, oven etc

Kettle handle / toaster knobs

Appliance buttons and dials

Kitchen work surfaces



Basin / bath / sink taps

Toilet flush

Bathroom surfaces


Dining room:




Hallway / Stairs:

Bannisters / handrails


Home office:



Other office equipment, eg printers


Scrub Daddy tips:

  • Wipe down your touchpoints first thing so you know you’ve covered this for most of the day!
  • Depending on use, wipe down a second time before you pick the kids up, or when you get home!
  • If you keep a cleaning journal, write down the areas you have managed to get to that day, so you can focus on other areas the next day!

Do you have any other tips? Let us know in the comments or post and use the hashtag #ScrubDaddyTouchpointCleaning on social media!

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