The Cranky Couple have arrived!

Cranky Couple Launch Blog Image

Look who’s joined the Scrub Daddy Family! Please welcome the Limited Edition Cranky Couple – a hilarious twist on the classic Scrub Daddy and Mommy sponges. These sponges are not your average happy-go-lucky cleaning companions. Nope, they’ve had enough of scrubbing dishes, surfaces, and everything else without a break. Can you blame them for feeling a little down?

Meet Scrub Daddy Original, the tough and resilient cleaning sponge made from the magical FlexTexture. This exclusive material knows how to adapt to your water temperature, making cleaning a thrilling experience. Cold water turns Scrub Daddy into a formidable scrubbing warrior, ready to battle any grime. But add warm water, and he transforms into a soft, gentle soul perfect for light cleaning duties.

Cranky CoupleCranky Couple

Let’s dive into Scrub Daddy Original’s incredible features:

  • Rinses free of debris and takes pride in resisting those pesky odours
  • His eyes hold onto your fingers while his mouth diligently cleans both sides of utensils
  • He’s top-rack dishwasher safe? Talk about low maintenance!
  • Scratch-free on over 20 surfaces.

Let’s not forget about Scrub Mommy Pink, Scrub Daddy’s other half! Combining ergonomic design with a dual-sided personality, Scrub Mommy is here to make your cleaning routine a breeze. With FlexTexture and ResoFoam working together, she knows how to adjust her texture based on water temperature. She becomes a force to be reckoned with when faced with cold water, taking on challenging scrubbing tasks like a champ. But give her some warm water, and she transforms into a soft and delicate cleaner, making light work of any mess.

Scrub Mommy’s impressive features should be enough to turn that frown upside-down:

  • Her soft ResoFoam side is a whopping six times more absorbent than the leading brand
  • Generates a rich lather with minimal soap, making your cleaning experience all the more luxurious.
  • Her eyes will grip your fingers, and her mouth will diligently clean both sides of utensils. She’s an all-in-one cleaning powerhouse!

Give this cranky pair some love, and shop them both now!

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