First-Ever Scrubtoberfest a Smashing Success as Influencers Unite with Scrub Daddy, Inc.

Scrubtoberfest 23'

Scrub Daddy, Inc. proudly hosted the inaugural Scrubtoberfest. An event that brought together a line-up of influencers and the Scrub Daddy team for an unforgettable experience at their headquarters.

Scrub Daddy, known for its innovative cleaning products and the iconic Scrub Daddy smiley face scrubber, opened its doors to a select group of influencers. Inviting them to join in a day of fun, creativity, and insight into the world of cleaning innovation.

Scrubtoberfest was a chance to connect, collaborate, and celebrate the power of our partnerships. The event was marked by a diverse range of activities, including studio sessions where influencers got hands-on with Scrub Daddy’s products, behind-the-scenes tours of the factory. And a variety of creative workshops designed to showcase the brand’s commitment to both quality and fun.


Scrub Daddy UK extended a warm invitation to esteemed UK influencers. Lynsey Crombie and Richard Sales, to be part of this memorable experience. Their presence added a unique British touch to the first-ever Scrubtoberfest, making the event even more special and diverse.

The event highlighted the shared passion for innovative cleaning solutions and the value of collaboration within the influencer community. Scrub Daddy, Inc. expressed deep gratitude to the team and influencers for their enthusiastic participation.

As the first-ever Scrubtoberfest comes to an end, Scrub Daddy, Inc. looks forward to future collaborations and endeavours with their influencer partners. Together, they aim to continue inspiring households worldwide with their innovative cleaning solutions. The Scrubtoberfest event encapsulated the spirit of Scrub Daddy, Inc. – innovation, collaboration, and fun. The company is grateful to all who attended and looks forward to building upon this tradition in the coming years.

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