PowErase Gel is Here!

PowErase Gel is Here! Say goodbye to stubborn stains and hello to a world of effortless cleaning with Scrub Daddy’s latest game-changer! Tackling stains on various fabrics has never been this easy. Whether it’s a coffee spill on your favourite shirt or a sauce mishap on the sofa, PowErase Gel is here to save the day. Get ready to experience the power of innovation as we dive into the incredible features of this multi-fabric stain remover that promises to make your cleaning routine a breeze.


PowErase Gel

How does it work?

Using Scrub Daddy’s PowErase Gel is as simple as 1-2-3, making stain removal a breeze for everyone!

PowErase Gel


  1. Begin by applying the gel to the soiled area with a damp Scrub Mommy or cloth, ensuring thorough coverage. Allow the gel to sit briefly, letting its powerful formula penetrate and break down the stubborn stains.
  2. Next, gently rub the gel into the surface for maximum effectiveness.
  3. Finally, rinse the treated area with clean water to reveal a spotless result. For larger areas, the versatility of the gel shines – mix it with warm water and apply using a spray bottle or mop bucket. With these easy steps, you’ll be amazed at the effortless stain removal and the fresh, clean look it brings to your fabrics and surfaces.

Bid farewell to stubborn stains and welcome a world where cleaning is a stress-free experience. The PowErase Gel is not just a stain remover; it’s a game-changer that transforms the way we approach cleanliness. Why make things complicated when you can keep it simple and spotless! Happy cleaning!


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