How To Plan A Last Minute Halloween Party

Wanted to throw a Halloween party this year, but suddenly the 31st is only a few days away and you’re lacking in the planning department? – Don’t fret, we’ve got you covered!


Keep food simple.

If you’re throwing a party and still need to figure out what you’re serving so your guests don’t get hangry — THAT would be frightening. Have no fear — we have 3 last-minute Halloween snacks that are festive AND tasty.

Strawberry Ghosts

Strawberry Ghosts

Dip some strawberries in white chocolate, then give them chocolate chip eyes and a mouth for these cute and tasty snacks. (via Miss Candiquik)

Tangerine Pumpkins

Tangerine Pumpkins

Peel a few tangerines and place a small piece of celery in the middle to make these tangerine pumpkins. Bonus: these can definitely double as the perfect snack for school. (via Bren Did)

Banana Boo Pops

Boo-nana Pops

Put a festive touch on the classic frozen chocolate “boo-nana” by giving them a ghostly makeover. (via Skinnytaste)


Homemade Entertainment.

House full of guests and no way to keep them entertained? Is there anything worse?! We’ve got 3 super easy games to ensure your party is a success!

DIY a pumpkin bowling game. Because no party is complete without some friendly competition. Time to dig into those recycling bins! Repurpose empty water bottles into these charming ghost bowling pins. We spray painted each bottle white, let dry, then drew ghost-like faces on them. Also, who knew that sugar pumpkins made such great bowling balls?!

Fancy dress competition. Be it cutest, scariest, or most original, the evening’s standout costumes deserve recognition! Have guests compete in mini-challenges to select the winner. Just like that, fancy dress just became the afternoon’s entertainment.

Apple Bobbing. Can you have any autumn party without this classic? I was probably 13 the first time I went bobbing for apples and I never looked back. It is a messy activity that you’ll want to do outside and keep lots of towels on hand. All you need is a large tub of not freezing water and apples. Explain the only rule: No Hands, you gotta grab it with your mouth! And let the chaos ensue. Pro tip: it’s easiest to grab the apples by the stem.


Quick decorations.

Local shops sold out of Halloween decorations? We’ve got you!

  • Grab a few pumpkins from the shop and get carving! Pop in some battery powered tea lights and place them around the house.
  • Grab our Scrub Daddy Halloween Shapes! Decorations are often a one time use, so why not make a more practical purchase! Use the Halloween shapes as party decorations, as well as durable scrubbing sponges.
  • Grab a ball of string and create a spiders web! Whether it’s on the wall or hanging from the ceiling this super simple hack is bound to make an impact.

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