Cleaning Hacks with Scrub Daddy

I’m sure we can all unanimously agree that the easier cleaning is, the better! Scrub Daddy helps with just that as our products are designed to be versatile and capable of multi-tasking. This means that with our products, you need less to aid with your household tasks, but they can ultimately do more which we’ll show you with our Cleaning Hacks with Scrub Daddy!

The product that started it all, our Scrub Daddy sponge, is renowned for being a scrubber of many talents. This is thanks to his FlexTexture material where his texture changes based on the temperature of water. This makes him endlessly useful! We are constantly learning from our Scrub Daddy enthusiasts the innovative ways in which he is nifty!

Our product range has expanded hugely since Scrub Daddy launched, and with that, so has the discovery of new tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your cleaning tools!

Below we will share some effective hacks to help you around your home. Have you heard of or used any of these before?

  • Sink hole blocker –

    Scrub Daddy sponges act as great covers for your sink when you’re preparing a meal. Simply put your scrub daddy over the plug hole so that water will run straight through it, but pieces of food will stay in the sink which you can then dispose of.


  • Retired Scrub Daddy –

    It’s sad to see any Scrub Daddy go, but by using your old sponge for more heavy-duty outdoor cleaning such as on your car tires or BBQ, you can make him last even longer!


  • Microfiber makeup removers –

    our Microfiber Cloths make cleaning up a breeze! They can be used to trap dust, dry surfaces, apply polish and soak up spills. They can also be used as a reusable makeup removing tool in place of makeup wipes or cotton wool. Simply add water or your favourite makeup remover and wipe away. After washing them, they can be used time and time again.


  • Ice, ice baby! –

    As FlexTexture changes its texture depending on your water temperature, dipping your sponge in ice water is an effective way to keep Scrub Daddy’s firmness for longer, making him excellent for those tougher cleaning spots.


  • Makeup Brush Cleaner –

    We have @mrshinch to thank for this great hack that makes cleaning your makeup brushes an easy task! Simply put some shampoo or your desired cleaner onto the Scrub Daddy in your sink and start scrubbing!


  • Good as new –

    Scrub Daddy lasts a lot longer than the average sponge. Did you know he is dishwasher safe? Pop him on the top rack with your dishes and watch him come out looking as good as new! We’ve even seen some Scrub Daddy users put their sponges in the washing machine for the same effect.


  • Dish Daddy –

    The wand is not limited to just your dishes, it can be used to clean just about any surface without the need to get your hands dirty! For bigger areas, you can even use your Scrub Daddy sponge by attaching a connector head to your Dish Daddy wand!


  • Lint Roller –

    A dry Scrub Daddy sponge acts a super effective lint roller to make your clothes lint-free


Let us know if you have found any creative ways to use your Scrub Daddy products that we’ve missed from this list, we would love to hear them!

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