Auri Katariina


Auri Katariina has racked up a massive 8.6 million views on her latest TikTok where she cleans a UK home for free! Scrub Daddy UK was invited along to help with the clean-up!

Scrub Daddy has been working with Auri since 2021, and when it was announced she was visiting the UK to help a struggling single mum clean her home we offered to sponsor her trip.

Auri has complete control over which products she uses. She found Scrub Daddy products in early 2021 using a Scrub Mommy Cat, Scour Daddy, Eraser Daddy 10x and PowerPaste. Of which the Scrub Daddy PowerPaste has become one of her firm favourites along with her trusty scraper.

People often wonder why she does what she does. We think this comment from her sums it up perfectly, “Do you know that depression and anxiety can look like this? I know from my own experience. And that’s why I want to help anyone who is going through a rough time right now. There is always hope and a way out.”

Auri had her first TV debut on Good Morning America in late 2020 and over the past 2 days, she has been interviewed on some major UK TV channels including BBC, Five Live and GB News being recognised for her devotion to cleaning strangers’ homes for free.

We feel extremely honoured to be sharing Auris’s story, she gives these families a new sense of hope in what can seem like a drastically hopeless time, with many suffering from mental illnesses.

It seems crazy why people love watching these cleaning videos, but it does give immense satisfaction from the extreme before and the mind-blowing after shots of these homes!

In just 2 short years Auri currently has 7.9 million followers on TikTok, 2.1 million followers on Instagram and 1.79 million subscribers on YouTube.

To get in touch with Auri for any business enquiries please email