30 Different Uses For Scrub Daddy

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The Scrub Daddy is unlike any other sponge you’ll find in a household. His pioneering use of FlexTexture material ensures that he is one-of-a-kind, able to change texture based on the temperature of your water, making Scrub Daddy fit for an endless possibility of duties.

Cold water enables the Scrub Daddy sponge to remain firm, making him ideal for tougher scrubbing tasks like cleaning stubborn burnt debris, limescale and soap scum. On the other hand, in warm water, he becomes softer and more absorbent, making him perfect for lighter cleaning jobs requiring a soapy lather or accessing more rigid areas.

There’s no need to use harsh chemicals as the distinctive scrubber only needs water to be effective. Scrub Daddy is designed to last; he can be cleaned on the top shelf of your dishwasher and has been lab-tested not to hold any odour for up to 8 weeks! We know he feels rough to the touch (especially when cold), but he is scratch-resistant, making him infinitely useful.

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Scrub Daddy Uses

Since previously making our list of “20 JOBS YOU DIDN’T KNOW SCRUB DADDY COULD DO”, Scrub Daddy fans have continued to discover new and innovative ways that the unique sponge goes far beyond the functions of a typical kitchen scrubber.

  1. Perfect for pots & pans – he’s scratch-safe on your non-stick pans and can swiftly scrub away burnt food.
  2. Be gone tree sap! – Scrub Daddy is safe on car lacquer! We know of a few paint jobs he’s saved.
  3. Fresh produce – use warm water with your sponge to rinse pesticides from fruit, or cold water will aid in removing the skin from potatoes and carrots.
  4. Windows – whether on your home or car, Scrub Daddy will make them shine.
  5. Paint – A dry sponge can scrub away flaking paint effectively.
  6. Pool & hot tub – Algae can be scrubbed away without adding any chemicals.
  7. Fun bath toys – Scrub Daddy and his other fun-shaped friends make great bath toys for your tots, which will soften in texture as they enter the warm water.
  8. Stainless steel appliances – clean your oven, microwave, or fridge-freezer.
  9. Tall mugs & vases – place your fingers in his eyes to get to tall containers’ hard-to-reach bottoms and sides.
  10. Fences & cladding – an old Scrub Daddy can be used on outdoor surfaces.
  11. Utensils – his smiley face has been designed to insert serving spoons, forks or knives in his eyes and mouth to clean both sides simultaneously.
  12. Tile & bathroom fixtures – Soap scum can be removed from delicate surfaces like your fibreglass tub and glass shower door without the worry of scratching and the promise of shine.
  13. Glass stove top – Rest assured, you won’t need to worry about expensive cleansers or scratched surfaces with Scrub Daddy.
  14. Retail labels – Cold water will allow him to help remove the sticker and adhesive on your new purchases.
  15. Exfoliate – Scrub Daddy can be incorporated into your beauty routine! Be sure to use him with warm water for a soft Scrub Daddy and gradually reduce the temperature as needed.             Scrub Daddy Uses
  16. Finished wood – whether it’s decorative trim, cabinetry, furniture with a finish or flooring, he’ll scrub it without scratching.
  17. Shoes – Keep a Scrub Daddy by the door to clean up dirty footwear.
  18. Sports equipment – Grass stains and mud will be gone before your eyes!
  19. Hands –Warm water will soften Scrub Daddy to clean your dirty hands. Tip: his spiky hair can be used to clean under your fingernails.
  20. Bakeware – his ergonomic shape is just the right size for cupcake tins, measuring cups and cake pans.
  21. Limescale – The stubborn limescale on baths and taps will be no match for this scrubber.
  22. Washing machine – Scrub Daddy will be perfect for scrubbing your machine, especially the filter, which collects dirt and is responsible for creating an odour.
  23. Shine up any metal fixtures – your taps, light switches or décor.
  24. DIY Hands – Remove stubborn glue or paint from your hands after crafting or DIY-ing
  25. Wooden furniture – Remove dirt from cracks or deep scratches on wooden tables, floorboards, or even decking, which Scrub Daddy’s jagged edges will assist with.
  26. Gardening tools – mud or dirt will easily be removed.
  27. Clean your car – The scrubbers changing texture is ideal for cleaning the different areas of your vehicle, and he can fit in those hard-to-reach places!
  28. BBQ – Use cold water to clean off that burnt grime without the need for that added elbow grease.
  29. Make-up Tools – Use warm or cold water to determine the abrasiveness needed to rinse your makeup brushes and sponges.
  30. Pet cleaning – the soft texture of the sponge in warm water makes for the perfect solution to ensuring your furry friends are free of mud and dirt!

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